ARAMARK is committed to not only providing outstanding custodial services to Chapman University, but also protecting our environment. We applaud and support the efforts of Chapman University and their desire to lessen the impact of daily operations on the environment. ARAMARK’s environmental stewardship program is called “Green Thread.” It is a thread connecting the present with the future.  

At ARAMARK, we don’t see sustainability as a movement—not a single one, anyway. Rather, sustainability is a series of actions, a belief system that connects our daily practices on your campus. It is our commitment to ensure that the actions we take and the services we provide are always environmentally responsible. At Chapman University, we will apply our resources to maintain environmentally conscious operational practices and to develop new solutions in support of institution-wide environmental stewardship. There is a green thread running through everything we do, and it leads back to the Earth we leave behind. 

Environmental sustainability encompasses more than just recycling and conservation. The elements of environmental stewardship that closely relate to operations include waste management, energy and water conservation, responsible procurement, transportation, and green building design. Our Partner in facilities, ARAMARK, fully supports these elements. For more information on how ARAMARK as a company is involved in Environmental Sustainability, check out the link:

Environmental, Social, and Economical Impact
ARAMARK is excited to provide leadership in the area of environmental responsibility and stewardship. The ARAMARK plan for environmental effectiveness at Chapman University includes multiple initiatives for environmental, social, and economic impact. 
• Green Cleaning that protects health without harming the environment
• Environmentally & Ergonomically Responsible Custodial Processes, Practices and Products
• Partnerships with Environmentally-Concerned Vendor Partners
• Energy and Water Conservation


(From left to right: 
Kaley Costello, Office Manager and Mackenzie Crigger, Chapman University Sustainability Manager)

Earth Day - April 22, 2013
We showcased part of our Blue Cleaning program by giving a demonstration on the effectiveness of the Orbio water that we use for everyday cleaning here at Chapman.