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Blue Cleaning
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Counter-Mount Foam Dispensers
Counter-mount refillable liquid soap dispensers were replaced with counter–mount foam dispensers. 
With the previous design, once the bottle was opened and refilled by hand, there was a risk of cross-contamination. 
• The foam soap is designed to be the cleanest and safest form of sanitizing - Since the soap bottle is non-refillable, the soap is never touched by human hands or exposed to the outside air (until it is dispensed) where bacteria can develop. 
• Bottles are a green product and 100% recyclable. 
• Additional benefit - prevents clogging in the dispensers, which was a common problem with the previous dispensers
BigBelly Solar Trash Cans @ Chapman University
The Smart Grid for Waste & Recycling from BigBelly Solar manages the collection of recycling, trash, and compost from outdoor public spaces. 
• BigBelly Solar combines solar-powered remote monitoring and on-site compaction. The system uses data and right-sized capacity to empower universities to reduce their collection frequency and increase public space recycling by up to 80%. 
• BigBelly Solar also minimizes cross-contamination and makes their resource recovery more efficient and effective. 
• Additional benefit - gives students the ability to recycle outdoors, as well as utilize the stations as educational.
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